Performance cannot be achieved without discipline!

It is not the “strategy” that is the discipline, but rather its EXECUTION.
We have spent over 10 years building the concept of the Discipline of Executing the Strategy because successful implementation and steering of implementations are dependent on key stages in the appropriation of the complex approach we follow.
If the pattern of these key stages is not followed or the entire process is not deployed all the way through to completion, or if the rules for operating in a strategic steering room are not followed, the effectiveness of the whole approach is undermined.
The term “discipline” in itself is also wrongly perceived: readers interpret it as “authority”, yet what we do is the complete opposite. We offer a way of “smoothing out” the disruptive elements that crop up at working sessions with Management or Executive Committees, deploying methods that rule out any distraction from core concerns and anything that does not impact directly on overall corporate performance.
By definition, “discipline” refers to all the rules of conduct applying to a group… and that is exactly what we practice, with all our expertise in facilitation.
Any facilitation session will invariably begin with a statement of the operating rules, which must be taken on board by every member of the management team.
Successfully linking the chains of methodologies to be tailored to each activity (discipline in the implementation of stages and processes) with operating rules that encourage collaborative working at the highest corporate level is a challenge we addressed head-on when creating our unique concept.