New partnership with Apple Entreprises

Though KA MATE STRATEGY already offered two versions of the SteerVision Center™, we were keen to keep abreast of our clients’ needs and, thanks to our partnership with Apple, we have added a new element to our SteerVision Centers™ by introducing the use of iPads.

As a result, when running sessions in the SteerVision Center™ :
• The visual aspects are enhanced, enabling the management team to consult all the data required to reach informed decisions (analyses of root causes, action plans, projections...)
• You enjoy access to dynamic, interactive and simplified navigation of your data and analyses.

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KA MATE STRATEGY offers facilitation of management team sessions in a context dedicated to strategic steering, whether in terms of its infrastructure (SteerVision Center™), technological advance and methods employed.
The perfect alliance between your business, your challenges, your vision, today’s technology and your greatest asset: men and women of your organization.

Designed by KA MATE STRATEGY but personalized for EACH CLIENT