FORBES publish our CEO’s advice | Oct 29, 2020

Strategy Execution: Can A New Management System Help You Execute Effectively?

This new article gives answers to the following CEO’s concerns:

How to bridge the gap between the strategy execution and delivery?

  • 3 difficulties of execution
  • Fixed strategy versus dynamic strategy
  • The new management system

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FORBES | APRIL 9, 2020 | Yves Connan has joined Forbes Business Council

We are proud to announce Yves Connan has joined Forbes Business Council as a new member of the Strategy Execution experts panel.
“We are honored to welcome Mr Connan into the community,” commented Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils.
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Over 40 projects, participative approach and change management!

To go about the huge BCM (Banque Centrale de Mauritanie), Transformation Program, Governor Aziz Ould Dahi decided to call on KA MATE Strategy and implemented a Steervision-Center (Strategic Management Center).



BlackRock CEO Larry FINK & the SteerVision-Center

"Stop focus on short-termism"

Creating long term value - Regular debriefing - Stay focus - Link the CEO Vision and the action plans - How the Company is adapting - The Cie should develop tools/indicators to monitor the implementation of the plan... The answer to these points is in the SteerVision-Center.

Read more on Business Insider UK: "Here is the letter the world’s largest investor BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, just sent to CEOs everywhere."




A second HAKA the "KA MATE" to celebrate EXCELLENCE and PERFORMANCE

A team success celebrated by the 2015 world champions who performed a second Haka after the game: the "KA MATE".
Watch the video:

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KA MATE Group announces the opening of its subsidiary STEERVISION LLC in MIAMI - USA

April 2015

Since 2001, KA MATE Strategy has pursued its international development goals by opening a series of subsidiaries.

In response to growing demand from its clients, in particular for the SteerVision Centers ™ concept in the USA, the KA MATE Group just opened its latest subsidiary in Miami: STEERVISION LLC.

On the strength of this unique concept, KA MATE Strategy is making its mark among US CEOs, who are hailing the SteerVision Centers concept as a revolution in the business leadership world.




March 2015

Mauritania’s leading bank is gearing up to optimize implementation of its business decisions and steer a successful course through the challenges of the future by introducing the first SteerVision Center! This is a far-sighted decision-making choice on the part of the bank’s President, who is counting on the concept to unite the management team around new working methods, focusing all energies on the bank’s performance targets.



New partnership with Apple Entreprises

Apple technology supporting your SteerVision Center™ (iPad, Apple TV, Mac...)

Though KA MATE STRATEGY already offered two versions of the SteerVision Center™, we were keen to keep abreast of our clients’ needs and, thanks to our partnership with Apple, we have added a new element to our SteerVision Centers™ by introducing the use of iPads.

As a result, when running sessions in the SteerVision Center™ :
• The visual aspects are enhanced, enabling the management team to consult all the data required to reach informed decisions (analyses of root causes, action plans, projections...)
• You enjoy access to dynamic, interactive and simplified navigation of your data and analyses.

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KA MATE STRATEGY offers facilitation of management team sessions in a context dedicated to strategic steering, whether in terms of its infrastructure (SteerVision Center™), technological advance and methods employed.
The perfect alliance between your business, your challenges, your vision, today’s technology and your greatest asset: men and women of your organization.

Designed by KA MATE STRATEGY but personalized for EACH CLIENT



Management teams :
Motivation and Best Practices Seminars

Upcoming dates :

From April to end October in France or year round, in CALIFORNIA (USA) and ABU DHABI (UAE).

Even if you have the best processes and the best skills in place on your Management/Executive Committee, and even if you are market leader today, nothing guarantees you your place at the top in the future !
The current economic climate calls for unprecedented agility of response and maximum anticipation.
Which is why the future of your company will be far more secure if management teams upgrade from "good" to "excellent"... and for that, only team spirit, motivation and optimized decision-making will make the difference.
One of our studies convincingly demonstrated that a company’s potential to respond extremely rapidly, to show creativity, to adapt to an increasingly fast-changing environment, stems more from the people within the organization than from technological solutions alone.
Unlike machines, however, people need to be motivated, to know that their work is recognized, in order for their mental strength to hold up under the pressures imposed by the competitive environment

This is why we have designed a seminar program to :
• (Re-­)motivate the members of your Management/Executive Committee.
• Awaken the desire to be part of the TEAM with the awareness that only TEAM SPIRIT will help everyone achieve their objectives.
• Work on optimizing DECISION MAKING and guaranteeing the implementation of DECISIONS and ultimately 

The program is built around three themes :
• Individual behaviors - SURFING section
• Collective behaviors - RUGBY section
• The dynamics of the Management Team - BUSINESS (BEST PRACTICES) section

For further information, please contact us directly on +33(0)1 53 67 53 00